2 Kingdoms

Dai due regni di natura, piglia il cibo con misura.

From the two kingdoms of nature, choose food with care.

It’s no secret that we take inspiration for our art from just about everywhere. There’s a truly amazing little food oasis up in Austin called Dai Due. If you’ve never been there, we can assure you that there’s a hole in your life. These guys look at food the way we look at beer. It is art-you must charge yourself with creating the best and most dynamic art you can, but you also must love to be immersed by it. If it doesn’t renew your soul, tear it down and start anew.


For 2 Kingdoms, we started with our German dunkelweizen recipe for ErdeWeiss. We use 5 different malts in a modified decoction mash (translation: we boil the Hell out of it) to enhance the chocolate flavors of the toasted wheat. After a 90-minute boil, the beer is cooled, transferred to a fermenter and pitched with our house German yeast. A week or so later we pulled the beer and added it to a small keg that we could open the top of. Dai Due made a beef heart chorizo seco that was a rich, flavorful semi-dry sausage that was wonderfully spicy and smooth. We added it to the keg and allowed it to infuse it’s flavors into the beer for 3 weeks before sharing with our fans.


2 Kingdoms will be available exclusively in our downtown taproom, Das Lokal, when it opens at 4pm on Thursday, August 4th. Draft will be served in 12oz snifters and only 5 gallons is available.