• THE HUM 7375X45-02

    The Hum Release

    The HUM In 1979 about 80 residents of Bristol, UK reported hearing a low-frequency droning noise that destroyed their sleep patterns and allegedly drove at least one to suicide. The story was reported worldwide and even after extensive research, no one is quite sure what caused it, or that it actually exists. This annoying, humming, throbbing […]

  • Self Medication FRONT

    Self Medication Release

    We are a brewery and so of course we make beer. And as much as we stomp over the lines of the traditional definition of beer, we embrace our place as artists of that medium. We’ll blend over flavors to ensure that the base grain fermentation is still recognizable and that the final drink is […]

  • Saison de Clementine-02

    Saison De Clementine Blend 3 Release

    Saison de Clementine Blend3 The newest release in our saison de series was crafted with whole fresh clementines.  The fruit was processed by first zesting and peeling by hand. By hand we mean that 4 of us sat in the brewery for hours and told inappropriate jokes while working together to peel 300 lbs of fruit. […]

  • 5 year anniversary VS2

    What does 5 Years mean to us?

    Five years means a lot to us  It isn’t simply that we’ve paid our rent and our team’s payroll every month for the last 60 months. It isn’t that the lights are still on and the boiler is still boiling. It isn’t that people are still buying and drinking our beer. And smiling when they […]

  • Star Full of Skies Front-02-2

    Star Full of Skies

    We are proud to share with you Star Full of Skies, our dry-hopped table wheat beer. Star Full of Skies is brewed with 85% white wheat and 15% Pilsner malt. Fermentation with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria native to our little brewery in downtown New Braunfels, TX gives the beer our signature […]

  • Saison de Figue de Barbarie-02

    Saison De Figue De Barbarie

    Saison de Figue de Barbarie  6%abv  14ibu  11Plato SG   We are pleased to share with you a cellar release from our Saison de series, Saison de Figue de Barbarie.   Inspired by TX lanscapes full of cactus and sunshine, we brewed this beer in late 2017. Figue de Barbarie is the French word for prickly pear, […]

  • Jose 3X4 front SINGLE-01

    Jose The Rose Gose 2.0

    Our third release of Jose the Rose Gose is ready to share. Blend 1 and Blend 1.6 were both brewery-only and very small releases. Blend2 is 750 gallons and is our biggest small-batch release in the history of our brewery.  The concept for this beer was inspired by Chris Brundrette at William Chris Vineyards in Hye, TX. As one […]

  • Self Medication

    Self Medication Release

      Sometimes adversity breeds some of the most interesting and rewarding results. When sangre de shiva Blend4 (with William Chris Syrah barrels) was fermenting in barrel, one of the 4 barrels sprung a pretty significant leak. By the time we plugged the leak, we had lost nearly 10 gallons. For this beer, the concentration of […]

  • Hopfenstopfen Bottle Pic


    Hopfenstopfen is a very special release of Blondine.    We dry-hopped our farmhouse hefeweizen with Mosaic hops and bitter orange peel for 14 days. The aroma is all tropical fruit that’s crisp and enticing. A light body and a dry, funky mouthfeel give the hops and orange peel center stage. The finish is crisp and […]

  • New Braunfels Best-02

    New Braunfels Best Release

    New Braunfels Best Our collaboration with our neighbors, New Braunfels’ Best blends Guadalupe Brewing Company’s renowned TX Honey Ale with our ubiquitous Farmhouse Hefeweizen, Blondine. Both local beers were barrel-fermented with our local wild yeast and souring bacteria and allowed to rest for a few months before packaging.   The flavors and aromas of honey dominate […]

  • NBBCo Beer 2

    The Hum Beer Release

    The Hum In the late 1970s (around the time our Pucker Gangster was born) in Bristol, UK, there were around 800 reports of a low, droning Hum sound, something like a diesel engine idling in the distance. Since then the Hum has affected something like 2% of the population causing headaches, nosebleeds and at least […]

  • Mexican Cannon 500ml VS2-02

    Mexican Cannon Batch Release

    Mexican Cannon A beer designed to slice through the oppressive heat of TX Summers, Mexican Cannon is an 85% white wheat beer refermented with fresh lime peels and infused with sea salt.   The beer begins with a modified decoction mash and is boiled with Cascade hops before a primary fermentation with our house German […]


    El Despoblado and the Many Ballads of Boxer Hill

    El Despoblado and the Many Ballads of Boxer Hill One night in Big Bend, there were two dudes backcountry camping alone as Hell. We hiked up our small hill with a bottle of Glenfiddich and watched the sunset in our boxers. As the night progressed, so did the very loud singing of songs under a […]

  • New Cosmic Dancer Label

    Cosmic Dancer

      One of the biggest beers we make, Cosmic Dancer is a black, dynamically sour weizenbock aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.   The beer starts with a 5 different malts in a modified decoction mash (translation: it boiled, man. Like, a lot) to enhance the caramel flavors of the Carawheat. After a […]

  • Chorizo

    2 Kingdoms

    Dai due regni di natura, piglia il cibo con misura. From the two kingdoms of nature, choose food with care. It’s no secret that we take inspiration for our art from just about everywhere. There’s a truly amazing little food oasis up in Austin called Dai Due. If you’ve never been there, we can assure […]

  • Bauernhaus Series

    Bauernhaus Series

    What is Bauernhaus?   Our Bauernhaus Biers were created to invoke the feel and flavor of an old-world brewery in the countryside of Germany hundreds of years ago. Our brewing and bottling process is designed to enhance the Earthy, funky and pleasantly tart characters that would have naturally been part of the brewing process before […]

  • Saison De roncier

    Saison De Roncier Beer Release

    In 2008, owners Lindsey and Kelly took their first trip to Napa and Sonoma, California. They spent a week sleeping in Sebastopol and drinking&eating all over the 3 distinct wine regions in the area. On one of their first trips over the hills into Napa Valley, they stopped at a highly recommended winery in Rutherford. […]

  • Wicked Fuel label

    It’s a Wicked World that requires a Wicked Response

    So today the guys over at The Gambrinus Company, the guys that own Spoetzl Brewing and the Shiner beers, had their high-priced IP attorneys send us a cease and desist letter because we make a pretty awesome beer called Wicked Fuel with coffee from Independence Coffee Company in Brenham, TX.   We made a couple […]

  • IMG_2333

    On Parole From Purgatory

    As a rule, we don’t follow beer styles when designing our beers. More to the point, we normally intentionally break those rules in favor of a product that satisfies us creatively and physically. But by definition, if we set our own rules, they are still rules. And therefore, must occasionally be broken.  On Parole From […]

  • Saison de Peche

    Saison de Peche Beer Release

    Saison de Peche (pesh)   Our release of our fruited sour saison series, Saison de Peche, is brewed with ripe Fredericksburg peaches from Engel Farms.   Maceration Initially lasted for 14 days. After which the wort was racked off and the fruit was refilled with mature sour beer. Secondary maceration lasted 10 days before being […]