New Cosmic Dancer Label

Cosmic Dancer


One of the biggest beers we make, Cosmic Dancer is a black, dynamically sour weizenbock aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.


The beer starts with a 5 different malts in a modified decoction mash (translation: it boiled, man. Like, a lot) to enhance the caramel flavors of the Carawheat. After a 120-minute boil the beer is cooled, transferred to a fermenter and pitched with our house German yeast. 10 days or so later we pulled the beer and racked it into barrels that we’ve added our house wild yeast and souring bacteria to. Over the next 12 months, the beer undergoes a secondary fermentation that creates a diverse palate of flavors from Earthy funk to crisp tart. The barrel imparts its own rich nuances to Cosmic Dancer and the resulting beer is smooth, rich and tart. Unlike Cosmic Dancer’s cousin, Black Fury, there are no acetic vinegar notes.


In this 2016 release, only 30 cases and a limited number of kegs are available.


Cosmic Dancer will be available in our downtown taproom, Das Lokal, when it opens at 1 on Saturday, August 6. Draft will be served in 12oz snifters and only one 15.5 gallon keg will be available. 5 cases of 500ml bottles will be available for purchase for $10.50 and a limited number will go out to select retailers in the TX market.