3X7 Cosmic Dancer 500-01

Cosmic Dancer

Cosmic Dancer-this is our secondary mixed-fermentation, barrel-aged weizenbock.

The base beer is our black weizenbock, Shiva’s Tears, a traditional German wheat beer brewed to high strength. We employ 5 different malts in our modified decoction mash, which boils the grains to yield a higher sugar extraction and add a traditional caramel character to the beer. Chocolate, cara, pale, white and pilsner malts each blend together to create a complexly-flavored but light-bodied black beer with minimal hop presence. Initial fermentation uses our house German yeast strain from Weihestephaner, Germany for 7 days, resulting in an 8%abv dark wheat beer.

Once primary fermentation is complete, Shiva’s Tears is transferred to wine barrels that previously help sangre de Shiva, red wine weizenbock. The beer is then dosed with our spontaneous mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, lightly bunged and allowed to rest. Over the next 8-11 months, the residual sugar is replaced with funky, tart acidity as the beer blends with the oak into a smooth, dark sour beer.
A light mouthfeel allows the complex initial and secondary fermentation esters a bigger stage to play on your palate. Big roast, strong tart and a surprisingly smooth finish make this beer one of our favorites. Predominantly available in our 500ml bottles, each conditioned by hand with fresh speisse. Every year we release less than 10-20 kegs for special events.

Abv 9.1 ibu 27

Why the name Cosmic Dancer? Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction and, by extension, rebirth. An all-powerful being whose sole purpose is the ending of one thing so that another can begin. As the base of this beer, Shiva’s Tears is the expression of the humanity of a many times misunderstood god. When Shiva destroys the universe (and subsequently creates a big bang) he does a dance in the heavens. And because of it, he is also called The Cosmic Dancer. The name represents the intersection of absolute power (high alcohol beer) and absolute art (natural fermentation) in a package that we hope inspires you to seek a little of both in your life. 
We release bottles of this beer throughout the year as the beer ages in the barrels.  However a draft release of this is quite rare.  We will be releasing this beer on draft in the Das Lokal Tap Room in the Brewery on Saturday, August 8th from 1-7pm.  Get it while you can!