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Saison de Canneberge Release

We are quite proud to release the latest beer in our Saison de series of fruited sour beers. 
Canneberge is the French word for cranberry. Saison de Canneberge is a complex fruit refermentation that expresses both barrel and fruit. 
Blondine, our sour wheat beer, was fermented with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria before transferring to barrels to mature for a few months. 
The barrel-aged beer was transferred over whole cranberries and allowed to ferment with the skins on for about a week. This process was repeated 4 times with shortening fermentation times to extract maximum flavor from the skins of the cranberries, giving the final beer an intriguing depth. 
All 4 ‘presses’ off the fruit were blended back together in our stainless steel tank and fermented again with cranberry puree for roughly ten days. 
The morning of packaging fresh Blondine wort was added to the tank to provide sugars for carbonation naturally in the bottle and keg. 
As with all of our Saison de beers we aim to balance our funky fermentation character with the bright flavors of the fruit. We achieve this through fruit volume, contact time and final blending and truly hope you feel we produced a representation of this approach. 

Merely 100 cases of 500ml bottles and 16 kegs were produced for Blend1 this year. 

Please join us for the release in our Downtown taproom.
Any left after our taproom release will be sent to the
greater TX area the following week. 


180 W Mill St Suite 100