The cool thing about the craft beer industry is that you get to have fun creating new beers that are completely your own.  Our Experimentals are a product of that process.  Sometimes they are exactly what you never knew you were missing and sometimes they are completely out of the universe you live in when it comes to beer that you like.  Everyone has different tastes.  We take what we think “might be a cool” flavor combination and put it in a tasty beer for our Das Lokal Tap Room patrons.  Our Experimentals are often ONLY found in our Das Lokal Tap Room and are in limited batches.  Some of them make it out into the market and are back every year.  Some are only done in a small batch.  Some are thrown into a cask and even we don’t know what the outcome will be, but hey we thought it “might be cool.”  Our Experimentals are for your adventurous side so come on down and check them out.


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What’s on tap now in Das Lokal?

This list is updated monthly and most Experimentals are done in limited quantities.