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Jose The Rose Gose 2.0

Our third release of Jose the Rose Gose is ready to share. Blend 1 and Blend 1.6 were both brewery-only and very small releases. Blend2 is 750 gallons and is our biggest small-batch release in the history of our brewery. 
The concept for this beer was inspired by Chris Brundrette at William Chris Vineyards in Hye, TX. As one of the largest purchasers of TX grown grapes in the state, Chris was able to source some unique flavors of grapes for us. Our final blend of Rose came to 5 different grapes, some white and most red.  
We brewed an 85% wheat beer at 3.8%abv fermented with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria. It’s tart, dry and funky. We blended the beer roughly 60% beer to 40% wine in stainless steel and allowed the flavors to blend for 3 months. Winemakers also use sulfur to sterilize their wines and the first two releases still carried a hint of that flavor. So for Blend2 we purged CO2 through the beer to off-gas the sulfur, which took a few months to completely remove. 
Prior to bottling we added salt to Jose. The salinity we targeted is intended to be balanced and to add to the final blend, not overpower it. On the morning of bottling we transferred fresh, unfermented wheat wort to the tank to provide natural conditioning sugars for the bottles and kegs. 
Jose is bright, crisp and softly acidic. The salinity enhances the dryness and the fruity aromas of the TX grown wine. A lively carbonation fills the glass with great bubbles, head and wine aroma. With a clean, salty finish our rose gose has a great drinkability in a memorable package. Jose appeals to both artisan beer drinkers and wine lovers, particularly those that support 100% TX wine. 


We’d love to have you join us for the release in our downtown taproom starting Thursday, March 22 and continuing all weekend through Sunday March 25. 

We’ll have both Blend1.6 Reserve and Blend2 available by the glass and in 500ml bottles to go.