Mexican Cannon 500ml VS2-02

Mexican Cannon Batch Release

Mexican Cannon

A beer designed to slice through the oppressive heat of TX Summers, Mexican Cannon is an 85% white wheat beer refermented with fresh lime peels and infused with sea salt.


The beer begins with a modified decoction mash and is boiled with Cascade hops before a primary fermentation with our house German yeast strain. After 7 days, the beer is transferred to one of our sour vessels and allowed to ferment to dryness. Once the base beer is ready, we infuse freshly cut limepeel and heavy-handed seasalt for 10 days before bottling and kegging.


Subtlety is a virtue this particular beer tramples on as it cascades down your dry throat. The aromas of limepeel combine juicy, refreshing lime and bitter pith for a complex and dynamic beer. Strong salty flavors sharpen the funky tartness of our indigenous souring bacteria and yeast. This is not a beer you will soon forget.


Mexican Cannon is a beer we currently produce only 20 cases of every 3 months or so. The next release will be available in our downtown taproom, Das Lokal, when it opens at 4 on Thursday, 8/18. Draft will be served in 12oz snifters and only one 5 gallon keg is available.  10 cases of 500ml bottles will be available for purchase.   A small amount will go out to select retailers in TX.