Mexican Cannon

Back in 1831, the Mexican government gave the colony of Gonzalez, TX a small cannon to defend themselves. In 1835, they decided they wanted it back. Well, us Texans were a little tired of Santa Ana’s demands so we Texian’d up & said “Come and Take It.” 5 months later Texas was a free republic. Mexico never got that cannon back.

This beer is dedicated to that fiercely defiant spirit. Mexican Cannon uses Luftweiss as a base.  Briskly saur with a puckeringly salty lime flavor, we ferment to dryness with fresh lime peels,  a generous handful of sea salt and our Haus culture.

Mexican Cannon is the beer we’d want to drink if we were standing guns up in the TX sun demanding our freedom.

4.9% ABV

16 IBU

Available in 500ml bottles and draft.