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New Braunfels Best Release

New Braunfels Best

Our collaboration with our neighbors, New Braunfels’ Best blends Guadalupe Brewing Company’s renowned TX Honey Ale with our ubiquitous Farmhouse Hefeweizen, Blondine. Both local beers were barrel-fermented with our local wild yeast and souring bacteria and allowed to rest for a few months before packaging.


The flavors and aromas of honey dominate this beer. The addition of the wheat lightens the body and allows the tart, funky sour notes to highlight the crisp palate. Making this beer was truly a pleasure. We’ve had a working relationship with Guadalupe Brewing over the years but up until this year it’s been friendly at best. Earlier this year our little brewery needed help and they stepped in to offer that help and support at a moment’s notice with no hesitation. For that we are forever grateful and humbled by them. The beers these guys produce are some of the best in TX and we’re proud to share our city with them. They inspire us with their attention to detail and ability to dial in a recipe and a process while a the same time making exceptional beer. We truly hope this is only the first of many collaborations with these fine folks.


New Braunfels’ Best will be available in our downtown taproom, Das Lokal, when it opens at 1 on Saturday, August 27. Draft will be served in 12oz snifters and only one 15.5 gallon keg will be available. 5 cases of 22oz bottles will be available for purchase for $12 and another 5 cases are being reserved for our bottle club release in October. Additionally, Guadalupe has a 5gl keg for their taproom, assuming they don’t keep it all for themselves.