On Parole From Purgatory

As a rule, we don’t follow beer styles when designing our beers. More to the point, we normally intentionally break those rules in favor of a product that satisfies us creatively and physically. But by definition, if we set our own rules, they are still rules. And therefore, must occasionally be broken. 
On Parole From Purgatory is a fairly traditional beer style called the Biere de Mars. Related to the more well-known Biere de Garde, but a little funkier, dryer and crisper, this beer has a solid backbone of malt flavor.  
Biere de Mars uses wort from our okTOOBERfest recipe. This is the only lager we brew and the only all-barley beer. Brewed with a modified decoction mash and fermented with a German lager yeast strain, okTOOBERfest is a malty, clean lager with a pronounced spiciness from the addition of Saaz hops. 
For the 2015 release, OPFP went in the barrel in March 2015 and was immediately dosed with our spontaneously harvested wild yeast and souring bacteria strain. We allowed the beer to dry out, pick up oaky nuances from the barrel and mature. 
After 6 months, the beer was bottle-conditioned with freshly fermenting okTOOBERfest and fresh yeast. Re-fermentation in the bottle lasted 5 weeks before release in the brewery. 
OPFP made only 100 500ml bottles in the inaugural release for 2015. 
Release: 11/5/15
Type: Only in Bottles and only in the Das Lokal Tap Room