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Each of our beers is crafted with 85% wheat, fresh hops, house yeast, local water, and fierce individuality.  We have divided our beers into different series to help capture the essence of why we created those beers.

So far we have our Elemental Series, our Fun-damental Series, Our Saurs, and our Experimental Series.

The idea for the Elemental Series came from trying to find a beer to fit our lifestyle.  As you can imagine, that was difficult.  We strive to have a balanced life and so with that we could not decide on one final beer and decided instead to create a series that represents important elements in life and with that represent a variety of styles of beer.   This series includes our flagship beers and is what you will find the most of at your local bars.

Our Fun-damental series is just that…a lot of fun.  This series includes unique styles with a unique flair that we bring back each year.

The Saurs are inspired by the coolest new style of beer:  The Saur.  We absolutely love them!  We realize to a lot of beer drinkers, this style is coloring way outside of the lines and often a very frightening style to try.  We believe that we have created a series of saurs that will satisfy the novice and the thrill seeker expert.

Our Experimental Series allows for our head brewer to play and take unique risks with flavor.  Often times you will find these beers solely in our Das Lokal Tap Room at the Brewery.  We have to admit that some of these have become absolute favorites to our locals and because of that have graduated to the Fun-damental Series and are distributed outside of the brewery.

Our dream as a brewery was to do everything in our power to brew with local Texas ingredients.  Now that we are growing and making more and more contacts, that dream is becoming more of a reality.  So far, we have pulled local produce for some of our Experimentals, local wheat for one of our Elementals, and local coffee for one of our Fun-damentals.  We definitely do not plan to stop there.

Check out each beer on this website to get descriptions.  If one strikes your fancy, search for our beer in our beer locator or come on down to our Das Lokal Tap Room to grab a pint, a flight, or a growler.

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