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Saison De Clementine Blend 3 Release

Saison de Clementine Blend3
The newest release in our saison de series was crafted with whole fresh clementines
The fruit was processed by first zesting and peeling by hand. By hand we mean that 4 of us sat in the brewery for hours and told inappropriate jokes while working together to peel 300 lbs of fruit. The flesh was cut into quarters but left whole to slowly break down over the next few weeks of fermentation and maceration. The flesh was open-fermented in barrel with Blondine, our 85% white wheat sour wheat, and our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria. The beer was pressed off of the fruit 4 times, with shortening fermentation times for each press. 
Each press from the fruit provides a volume of beer with a uniquely different personality. The earlier presses express more fruit as the later ones present more funky fermentation notes. Blended together they create a final beer with more complexity and maturity. 

Once all 3 presses were blended together, the reserved zest was added back to the beer under CO2 pressure to extract the bright citrus aroma and flavor of the zest. 

The morning of packaging fresh, unfermented  wort was added to the broken down clementines in the barrel for an hour to begin fermentation. It was then pumped into the tank holding the final blend and recirculated. Bottles and kegs were filled directly off the tank and allowed to carbonate naturally for a few weeks before release.
Saison de Clémentine is a dynamic expression of the fruit. Minimal processing and a love for the crisp flavor of clementines inspired a surprisingly drinkable and refreshing sour fruit beer. This is a beer that will age well due to its acidity and bold flavors but with the vibrancy of a young Saison de Clementine, we recommend putting it in your face now. 
Blend3 was packaged on March 28 and consists of 47 total cases of 500ml bottles and 18 kegs. Release in our downtown taproom will be Thursday, April 12th. A small amount will be available to our distribution network the week of April 16 based on allocation.