Saison de Figue de Barbarie-02

Saison De Figue De Barbarie

Saison de Figue de Barbarie

 6%abv  14ibu  11Plato SG


We are pleased to share with you a cellar release from our Saison de series,

Saison de Figue de Barbarie.


Inspired by TX lanscapes full of cactus and sunshine, we brewed this beer in late 2017. Figue de Barbarie is the French word for prickly pear, those bright pink fruits on TX cactus. When you cut them open, they are electric purple and lend an incredible minerality and color to the beer.


We start of all our Saison de Series beers with Blondine, an 85%white wheat and 15% Pilsner malt beer fermented with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria. We love the light wheat backbone as a canvas for layering flavor into.


We hand peeled fresh prickly pear fruit and maserated for 21 days in our 35gl fermenter, nicknamed Kafka. This process ferments the sugar in the fruit but also extracts the color and flavor of it.


Full sugar fermentation finished in roughly 2 weeks and the remaining time in the fermenter was to deepen the flavor and begin secondary fermentation.



Fresh Blondine wort was blended into the beer the morning of bottling. This process allows for a complete fermentation in the bottle and keg, resulting in tighter bubbles of carbonation and a smoother, cleaner final beer.

In some beers we use sugar in the bottle but we chose to rely solely on the addition of wort.


We released Saison de Figue de Barbarie as part of our Sour Junkie Society in January 2018 in 120 500ml bottles and two 1/6BBL kegs. We still have a few bottles left and one slim keg which we saved for a special occasion.
We’ve decided this weekend is that occasion. So Thursday, March 22 we’ll be tapping Saison de Figue de Barbarie at 4pm. The beer will be available in the glass and in bottles to go all weekend….we hope.