Saison de Peche

Saison de Peche Beer Release

Saison de Peche (pesh)


Our release of our fruited sour saison series, Saison de Peche, is brewed with ripe Fredericksburg peaches from Engel Farms.



Initially lasted for 14 days. After which the wort was racked off and the fruit was refilled with mature sour beer. Secondary maceration lasted 10 days before being racked completely off the fruit. 



The two halves were fermented separately for 90 days, giving the indigenous yeast and souring bacteria time to reduce the final gravity to 1 degree Plato.  Predominantly tart with a very slight funky character, the sour notes are consistent with our Kafka sour program’s indigenous spontaneous culture.



The week before bottling, we blended mature sour wheat beer with the both halves of the batch to achieve the final beer. The blend brought the bright peach character into balance with the tart acidity.



Freshly-fermenting wheat beer at moderate gravity was added directly to the bottle. This process allows for a complete fermentation in the bottle, resulting in tighter bubbles of carbonation and a smoother, cleaner final beer.


Saison de Peche is firmly tart with a crisp, dry fruit character. Bright peach flavors open up in the aroma and continue throughout the mouthfeel. You can expect a little more dryness and deeper carbonation if you choose to cellar. We recommend drinking immediately.


Release: Friday, October 23rd

Type: 500 ml Bottles only and in Das Lokal only—very limited supply