Saison De roncier

Saison De Roncier Beer Release

In 2008, owners Lindsey and Kelly took their first trip to Napa and Sonoma, California. They spent a week sleeping in Sebastopol and drinking&eating all over the 3 distinct wine regions in the area. On one of their first trips over the hills into Napa Valley, they stopped at a highly recommended winery in Rutherford. The owner and namesake happened to be running the taproom that day and since they got there when it opened, they pretty much had the run of the place. He spent a lot of time explaining flavors and how to taste but, surprisingly, had one of the least pretentious approaches to wine they’ve ever seen. He joked about wine reviews that mentioned brambleberries because the flavor they were referring to was the theoretical blending of the fruits of the bramble bush, namely the raspberry and the blackberry. “It’s a flavor that only exists in the mind of the reviewer and it’s kind of ridiculous that they say they taste something that clearly they’ve never tasted because it doesn’t exist.”, he joked.


So Saison de Roncier (French for bramble), is the very real blend of these two flavors into a beautiful sour wheat saison.


Both the raspberries and the blackberries were macerated for 10 days and fermented separately for 8 weeks. Prior to bottling, we blended them at a 70/30 ratio with mature sour beer.  The remaining blackberry beer was reserved for a single taproom keg project to be released in November.


Saison de Roncier is a deep, fruit-forward sour fruit beer that will mellow with age so we recommend drinking it yesterday. Only 6 cases were produced in 2015 and they’ll be available in the brewery only starting ­­­­­11/21/15.