Sangredeshiva Blend3 12oz-02

Sangre De Shiva Batch #3 Beer Release

With sangre de shiva, it’s all a matter of timing. We prepare weeks in advance by brewing a batch of our weizenbock using 5 different malts, 85% wheat, in our modified decoction mash. A 2-hour boil and a primary fermentation with our house saccharomyces yeast from Weihenstephaner, Germany create a rich, smooth beer with a clean finish. 

Then we wait for the winery’s processing day so we can get barrels as soon as they’re dumped. We ask the winery to leave the lees and sediment in the barrel, which will add massive flavor and aroma to the beer. The barrels are transported back to our little brewery in downtown New Braunfels, filled with the base beer and then…..we wait. 
After 6-12 months, our house mixed culture of wild yeast and souring bacteria dry the residual sugar out and add a funky, tart character. The deep, rich tobacco and oak flavors from the wine blend and balance with the rich, caramel and chocolate notes of the beer to produce what is our brewmaster’s pride and joy.

As with most of our beers, we appreciate subtlety much like sobriety. If you’re not a fan of big, tannic, oak-monster red wine, there’s a real good chance this isn’t the beer for you.

For the release event, we’ll have the only keg from this Blend along with 12oz bottles to go. For this release, we will not be limiting the number of bottles you can purchase.

Release Date: Thursday, October 15th in the Das Lokal Tap Room at the Brewery

Type: 12 oz bottles and limited draft