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The Surlees series of beers are inspired by our Texas wine industry.  Each mixed fermentation beer is barrel aged with a rotating selection of red and white wine lees from Texas wine makers that grow and produce some of the best wines in the state.

 DasLokal3 single 45X775-01-8

Das Lokal

85% white wheat Hefeweizen, Blondine, aged 3-4 months in red wine barrels to create a TX dry rose wheat beer. Each release highlights a different winery and a different varietal.

Jose 3X4 front SINGLE-01

Jose The Rose Gose

Jose is a blend of 50% TX grown rose and 50% salty wheat beer. 
Bright, acidic and light on the palate, this beer is an honest homage to the passionate winemakers of the TX wine industry.

VSN single 45X725-01-5

Very Seldom Naughty

85% white wheat farmhouse hefeweizen, Blondine, barrel aged with Texas white wine lees.

Sangre750 single 45X775-01

Sangre de Shiva

85% dark wheat weizenbock barrel aged in a rotating selection of Texas red wine lees.