Self Medication FRONT

Self Medication Release

We are a brewery and so of course we make beer. And as much as we stomp over the lines of the traditional definition of beer, we embrace our place as artists of that medium. We’ll blend over flavors to ensure that the base grain fermentation is still recognizable and that the final drink is a beer. That’s not exactly the case with Self Medication.

The base beer is Uber, our high abv black farmhouse sour wheat beer. This batch of Uber began life in August 2016, coincidentally the same time that Head Brewer Nathan took over brewing operations. The following month Uber was transferred to a pair of soaking wet Black Spanish Port barrels from Dry Comal Creek here in New Braunfels. The barrels had been pumped from the morning we got them and we asked the winery to leave as much lees and sediment in the barrels. Dry Comal Creek’s port is called 1096, which is the amount of days the barrels are exposed to the TX elements. The barrels are not covered so heat, rain and varying humidity all play a role in what 3 years does to their wine. The beer was allowed to age for 16 months, during which time the oak, wine and our mixed culture created flavors and aromas unique to that experience and time.

The first week of January of 2018 we sourced 4 30 gallon bourbon barrels from TX distillery Garrisson Brothers. The beer was immediately transferred from the port barrels to the bourbon barrels and allowed a final rest for 2 months. These barrels have a deep char and a pronounced oak character, and, of course, 3 years of contact time with TX grown corn bourbon.

On March 21, we added priming sugar to the beer to provide sugars for final fermentation in the bottle. Most of our beers are conditioned with fresh, unfermented wort and our recipes are designed with that final blend in mind. In the case of Self Medication, it was important not to blend the beer but to retain the dynamic flavors of the barrels and the funk.

648 five hundred milliliter bottles were hand filled, along with 3 slim kegs. One for release, one for our 5th Anniversary Party and the last for our 6th Anniversary Party.

This beer will be available in 4oz pours in our taproom on 4/19/18 and by the bottle to go or stay. All told the elements that make up this beer took over 4 and a half years to come together to create this moment. We hope you enjoy drinking Self Medication as much as we enjoyed crafting it.