Self Medication

Self Medication Release


Sometimes adversity breeds some of the most interesting and rewarding results. When sangre de shiva Blend4 (with William Chris Syrah barrels) was fermenting in barrel, one of the 4 barrels sprung a pretty significant leak. By the time we plugged the leak, we had lost nearly 10 gallons. For this beer, the concentration of wine to beer is paramount so we couldn’t just top off the barrel with more beer. We also couldn’t leave headspace in the barrel without giving the final beer flavors we don’t want. So we topped it off with our bourbon-barrel-aged dunkelweizen, ThunderKiss, which had been in barrel around 18 months. So at that point, we’d committed to a bourbon and wine double barrel beer, but the bourbon flavor wasn’t as dominant as we wanted. So we transferred the entire barrel to a fresh 4 Roses bourbon barrel and gave it 2 more months to evolve into something fantastic.

Each of the 240 12oz bottles and 2 kegs were hand-conditioned with fresh wort and our wild yeast and bacteria. Bottling took place on August 31.

All of us are very excited to share this beer with you. Big, bold, impossibly smooth flavors bring this beer to your palate. The experience of drinking it is something like enjoying a fine wine, a nightcap scotch and a transcendent dream folded together.

This beer will be released in our Das Lokal Tap Room on Friday, September 23rd.