Shiva’s Tears

Weizenbock Of The Destroyer

According to Hindu faith, Shiva, the god of destruction and rebirth, was called upon to rid the world of an evil demon named Tripura.  After meditating for 1,000 years on how to kill Tripura and contemplating the evil he wrought on the Earth, Shiva winked his eyes and tears fell.  From those tears grew a tree who’s fruit satisfies thirst.  Its seeds are used for meditation and prayer.  Our Weizenbock is a study in power and grace.  Surprisingly smooth for a high abv powerhouse.  Shiva’s Tears is our pathway to beer truth.  Meditate on a few of them and you may just cry a few tears of your own.

Food Pairing:  Shiva’s is our most versatile food-pairing beer. The malty and yeast complexity give it the ability to work with beef, roast pork, smoked ham, German-style dishes, desserts and chocolates. Pairing this beer is literally in the palate of the beholder (beer-holder).

ABV: 8

IBU: 27

Available in 750ml bottles and draft year round.

New Shiva's Tears 750