Star Full of Skies Front-02-2

Star Full of Skies

We are proud to share with you Star Full of Skies, our dry-hopped table wheat beer.
Star Full of Skies is brewed with 85% white wheat and 15% Pilsner malt. Fermentation with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria native to our little brewery in downtown New Braunfels, TX gives the beer our signature dry acidity.

After primary fermentation is complete, we dry-hopped this, Blend2, with whole leaf Cascade Hops from HomeBoy Hops in Oregon.

The morning of packaging we blended unfermented wort to feed our house culture and carbonate the kegs and bottles naturally in their final vessel.

We packaged 19 cases of 500ml bottles and only one keg. This re-release will be the final opportunity to enjoy a draft pour and/or take a bottle home.

The artwork on the bottle is an acrylic and oil painting by owner Kelly. It was done exclusively with razor blades and paint.

The name and the poem on the label were also written by Kelly. It’s intent is for you to look at life and the experiences in it with a different perspective. One that highlights the unique parts that make up the whole with attention to the details that matter most.

We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we enjoyed making it for you.