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The Hum Beer Release

The Hum

In the late 1970s (around the time our Pucker Gangster was born) in Bristol, UK, there were around 800 reports of a low, droning Hum sound, something like a diesel engine idling in the distance. Since then the Hum has affected something like 2% of the population causing headaches, nosebleeds and at least one suicide.


One of our favorite small batch beers, Mate e Cerveja, is an 85% white wheat sour beer infused with Yerba Mate leaves. For The Hum, we then added freshly roasted coffee from Brown Coffee in San Antonio for a double shot of jolt.


If you’re ever wondering what the Hum sounds like, the Earthy flavors and the 2 different types of caffeine in this beer might be your best chance to tune in.


The Hum will be available exclusively in our downtown taproom, Das Lokal, when it opens at 4pm on Thursday, August 25th.  Draft will be served in 12oz snifters and only 6 gallons is available.