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The Hum Release

In 1979 about 80 residents of Bristol, UK reported hearing a low-frequency droning noise that destroyed their sleep patterns and allegedly drove at least one to suicide. The story was reported worldwide and even after extensive research, no one is quite sure what caused it, or that it actually exists. This annoying, humming, throbbing or rumbling sound has been referred to as sounding like an idling diesel engine that tortuously won’t stop, leading many to insomnia. 
It’s been called The Hum. And those who hear it are called hummers. 
It’s since been reported from Windsor, Ontario to Sydney, Australia and even Taos, NM. 
But only about 2% of the local population can actually hear The Hum and join the elusive fraternity of hummers. 
We’ve created a beer intended to help you tune in to the sounds of the Earth.
The Hum begins with Blondine, our 85% white wheat sour beer fermented with our house wild yeast and bacteria culture in a Solera system. 
After a few weeks of primary fermentation the beer is transferred over ground espresso, yerba mate, cacao nibs and refermented with brown sugar in our 35 gallon tank, Kafka. 
A few weeks later, on April 11, fresh wort was added to the tank. A single 15 gallon keg and 85 750ml bottles were filled. Carbonation naturally occurred in the bottle and keg while the flavors continued to blend together. 
The artwork for the 3 different label designs as well as the recipe for this beer were conceived by owner and resident Pucker Gangster, Kelly Meyer. In fact the beer was made while Head Brewer Nathan was on vacation. Kelly is notoriously a fan of caffeine and Nathan is notoriously not a fan of people mucking about in his brewhouse so Kelly hardly had a choice but to do so. 
Each ingredient was chosen to complement one another while creating an earthy, deep-flavored beer with a bight yellow color. This beer is full of dark beer notes that will confuse your sensibilities while surprising your tastebuds with it’s crisp drinkability. It has the long finish we love to create in our beers and will literally offer different experiences from sip to sip. 
While we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to hear the Hum of the Earth after experiencing this beer, we’ll happily pour you a glass and talk about it until we get tired, which might not happen. 
Release will be exclusive to our downtown taproom on Thursday, May 3rd.  We will be releasing this on draft and in 750 ml Bottles togo.