Temptingly tart lemon-lime ‘linerweiss

Wasser (wah sir)  is the answer to the age-old problem, ‘nothing refreshes like a beer but I can’t drink beer all day.’  Your tastebuds will tango with the lemon and lime.  The tartness will remind you that you’re alive.  You’ll love to drink it, even though that doesn’t rhyme.

Come to the our Tap Room and try it with an imported Raspberry Syrup from Germany that adds to the amazing flavor.

Food Pairing:  WasserWeiss tm pairs fantastically with foods of all kinds and from all countries. A tart beer, like a wine with good acidity, is a great complement to a dish that is rich and creamy, like something Primavera or Alfredo; a Bisque or a Caesar Salad. The citrus in WasserWeiss tm make it an ideal partner for fish and chicken dishes and a more interesting pairing than Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling.

ABV: 2

IBU: 7