5 year anniversary VS2

What does 5 Years mean to us?

Five years means a lot to us

 It isn’t simply that we’ve paid our rent and our team’s payroll every month for the last 60 months. It isn’t that the lights are still on and the boiler is still boiling. It isn’t that people are still buying and drinking our beer. And smiling when they do. It isn’t that our distribution network is successfully finding retailers and drinkers that are nearly as passionate about our beer as we are. It isn’t that we’ve got thousands of gallons of beer aging in bottles and barrels that will produce some of the best beers we’ve ever released over the next few years. It isn’t that we made the risky choice to stop making our pure culture (non-sour) beers and our sales have increased since then. 

 It’s all of those things, sure. We’re a growing business and those metrics show that. But we didn’t decide to start a brewery for the money and the cool P&L reports. (thank goodness)

Our five year anniversary is more about our evolution-who we are and what we represent that makes us proud that we’re still standing in the crowded market of TX breweries. We’re artists that paint in the medium of fermentation. We believe in forgoing the status quo just because it’s the status quo. Brewing outside the lines so you can drink outside the lines. We’d like to think that our stance on brewing and creating liquid art inspires those who put our beers in their faces to live a less-tethered life. Maybe being willing to take risks in your glass allows you the opportunity to deeply experience life. 

A big part of what we’re celebrating is that we’ve grown as people while our beer factory has grown it’s reach. We’ve matured (somewhat), become more mindful and, quite frankly, chilled out. We’ve learned to love this industry, the freedom it gives us and the people (you) who support it. Done right, craft beer is a community first, a journey second and maybe a business a far off third. And this year we’re celebrating moving closer to making that a reality. 


In the past 5 years:

We’ve married 13 distributors. And divorced 5, about to be 6.

We’ve had 3 (kinda 4) Head Brewers, only the most recent being the one to take our beer where it needed to go.

We went from 3 oak barrels in 2013 to 46 and now we’re trying to find out how to fit more in here.

We’ve removed 23 barrels from our rotation, 1 of which exploded.

We’ve produced 113 beers in volumes from 3 gallons to 770.

We went from selling our very first keg to the Phoenix Saloon in 2012 to selling our kegs and bottles to 4 states (5 at the end of April).


The only number that really matters is 25. That’s the number of handcrafted mixed culture beers we’ll be pouring at our five year anniversary party this May 19. Each and every one of them is a beer with a unique personality that we’re truly proud to share with you. There’s not a commercial necessity in the lot (you know like the blonde ale breweries have to make for grocery store success). Some we’ve been saving for 3 years for this event, even during a time when we didn’t know we’d make it to 5 years. Some we’ll be pouring there first before sending out to our distributors later in May. Others have never been distributed outside the brewery and likely never will. This event will be ‘all hands on deck’ and each of our team would love to sit and talk to you about the inspiration for the beer, the processes that created it and why we’re so proud to share it with you. 

Because while we’re the passionate artists proud of our craft, its your eyes that we truly hope the beauty is in. This party is as much about you and the support you’ve given us during our evolution as it is about the beer we craft. We appreciate every sip to your lips, every bottle you’ve stashed in your cellar and all the laughs and tears we’ve shared from 2013 to now. 


And we can’t wait to lift a glass with you this year.