Willie Abides

Willie Abides Beer Release

Our dunkelweizen, ErdeWeiss, becomes a Dudeweizen with the addition of pecan chips soaked in dark rum.
The dude chips the pecan hisself after midnight raids to his neighbor’s stockpile up near Tom Creek in Canyon Lake Trash country.  It’s rare to be at the dude’s place and not find any rum, so he just picks out the best non-spiced dark in his too-often low reserve.  Reverend Al Green presides and Bob Marley performs when the rum is poured over the pecan chips, and following a few days of soaking, they go right into the keg of ErdeWeiss.
The whole concoction mellows out together for anywhere from 14 days to a month, depends on what kind mood the dude is in and how big of a hurry he is to drink some.
Since ErdeWeiss helps take care of all us sinners with a big taste but an easy 4.5% abv, the impartation of the rum through the Texas pecan only bumps this one up to ??? % abv.  It’s the kind of beverage that really does bring the whole room together, but hurry down to that little room otherwise known as Das Lokal when it’s on tap.  We’ve never had a keg of it last a full shift.
Release: Das Lokal Tap Room (Brewery)
Type: Rum-Pecan Dunkelweizen, Draft Only & Very Limited
When: Friday, October 9th during Hoppy Hour (4-9 pm)